Fang Handmade Vase
Fang Handmade Vase
Fang Handmade Vase
Fang Handmade Vase
Fang Handmade Vase
Fang Handmade Vase
Fang Handmade Vase
Fang Handmade Vase

Fang Handmade Vase

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Handmade With Style

Our Fang Handmade Vase is created from the inspiration of Tiger's teeth. It not just looks beautiful but also brings in the mood art to your environment. A perfect vase to give your mini plants a new style.

Planting Ideas

Perfect for living room, garden, kitchen, corridor, office, and any place you like. 

Ideal for greenery, mini plants, grass, aquatic plants, and mini ferns.

There are no holes in this vase, we recommend you plant the plants that don't require much watering.


Weight: A: 1.4kg±

      B: 1.6kg±

      C: 1.1kg±

This vase is made out of beautiful ceramic. The weight is approximately 1.1kg±.

This series of vases are handcrafted with great craftsmanship and attention to detail. We ensure every detail goes through strict quality inspections to see its beauty.

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