How To Choose The Right Size Wall Art

How To Choose The Right Size Wall Art

Remember the days of struggling to choose what size of wall art is right for your wall? The following tips will help you to find the right size easily every time. No one wants to get their new canvas art home and realize there's not enough space for it without looking cluttered. Alternatively, hanging their artwork is too small and overshadowed by the vastness of the blank wall surrounding it.


In terms of size, aim to fill about 2/3 (0.67) to 3/4 (0.75), of your available wall space if you're looking to hang a focal point above a piece of furniture or bed. Follow the same proportion, and find an artwork that is 2/3 or 3/4 smaller than your bed or furniture. For example, if your furniture is 100cm wide, you should find and hang artwork around 65cm to 75cm wide. 

*Pro Tip: Better to go big than small... If you're buying artwork without measurements on hand, getting a bigger size is typically safer and better. You want your artwork to stand out and complement your wall.


When deciding on an orientation, always consider the shape of your available wall space. Which type of wall art will better fit my wall (horizontal or vertical)? Do you have a wall that connects from your living room to your dining room? Go for a vertically oriented artwork to create a sense of height and openness feeling. Is there an empty wall space behind your dining room? Go horizontal to fill the visual field.

*Pro Tip: All of our abstract artworks can be hung vertically or horizontally. It is designed and created to give you the freedom to hang it in any way you like. Both ways look stunning; it's a matter of personal preferences. 


One of a very important aspect when hanging your wall art. Typically you want to hang the artwork at the centre of the wall that falls at eye level (120 to 150 cm from the floor). This standard is a helpful rule of thumb is only applicable for smaller size canvas arts. 

However, for longer vertical artworks like (50x100cm, 60x120cm, and etc), just hang your artwork at the centre of your wall. This type of canvas art is very long and mostly will cover 70% of your wall height. It is hard to have a rule of thumb for long artworks as everyone's wall is in different height. 

When there's a piece of furniture, sofa, or bed involved, you must ensure the artwork has some breathing room while keeping the objects cohesive. Generally, this means hanging the canvas art about 10 - 30 cm above the top of the piece of furniture. For wall arts serving as a focal point on a blank wall behind your dining room table, follow the same 10 - 30cm rule as well.

Opinions & Advises

Lastly, you may seek advice from your friends, family, and people from the industry. In Artstry, we provide a professional and free consultation to all customers from choosing artwork designs to selecting sizes that best suit your wall. We also offer size customisation for all of our wall arts to suit your wall preferences.

The process is easy; contact us → tell us your wall measurement → we will consult you with the right size → digital draft of your customise artwork will be sent to you → waiting for your artwork to arrive at your doorstep!