Things To Avoid When Decorating

Things To Avoid When Decorating

While decorating your home is a very personal art, you should follow certain design principles to help you decorate with success. Every decision and choice you make needs to be based on preferences and facts. So instead of giving you advice on how you should decorate your home without knowing all the details, we've decided it's better to tell you what not to do. There are many mistakes people usually make when decorating their homes; these don'ts should help get you started.

Don't Buy Matching Sets Of Furniture

When buying furniture for your living room, dining, or bedroom, it's very easy to fall into one mistake of getting the whole set of matching furniture at once. Matching furniture is in the same style, but it's predictable and lacks personality. You don't want your home to look like a catalog from a furniture store.

The tip is only to buy furniture based on your preferences, not the reason to match your current furniture. Unless you really like that set of furniture. You can purchase different styles and colours of your sofa, rug, bed, and coffee tables. This will create an exciting look and one that is yours.

Don't Just Follow The Trend

Trends are not a bad thing, but if you only decorate your house based on trends. There will be a big chance that you will regret your decision. Trends come and go, so investing in that design isn't a great idea. Instead, you should invest in designs that look wonderful regardless of the trends and time. Decorating your home is something long-term, so pick your design wisely and rationally.

Don't Paint Before Your Furnish

Paint is widely available in a variety of colours, so it's best to leave the choice for later to decide. Before choosing the paint color, you may select other elements first, like furniture, carpeting, more. These are elements restricted by color and other things. You always want to give your paint selection freedom and not limit the selection to match your details. 

Don’t Select Your Favorite Colour As Main

Your favorite colour should not be the primary colour of your interior design. Instead, it should be an accent shade. This way makes it stands out more and better highlighted. If your favorite colour is pink, you don't want all the walls of your house to be painted pink. It would be best if you painted it on a specific spot or corner to highlight a touch that showcases the beauty of the colour. Your favorite color should pop instead of disappearing in the background.

Don't Create Rooms That Are Too Themed

When it comes to designing your own homes, we all have some particular design style or era that we love. and The designs that we like will often turn to for inspiration. But a common mistake is taking this inspiration too far and creating an overly themed space.

You can end up with a homage to Maldives, or a try-hard look, which is out of place and often also out of context. Instead of being too literal, try looking at furniture, colours and artwork from the style you like and incorporate these in your decoration with other pieces. You will still end up with the design you like without feeling it would become a theme park.

Don't Display Everything You Love

We all have objects that we like to display in our home, either from travelling or any memorable events. If you combine these objects with your decors, latest shopping spree, or gifts, you can end up with lots of clutter, which can easily take over space. Not only does it makes your space even smaller, but it also becomes visually busy.

The tip is to limit the number of items shown at one time and edit your collectibles. If you have many precious items you can't part with, perhaps store some away and swap them around over time.

Don't Place Everything On Your Walls

Unless you live in a tiny home or apartment, it is best not to place all of your furniture up against the walls. You should give the walls a breathing space, bring pieces in and use the whole room instead. Doing this creates a better sense of flow and a more fluid layout, crucial in open-plan homes.

Don't Settle For Something You Don't Like

When it comes to home decor, never settle for something because it's more convenient and cheaper. If you genuinely love something, find a way to include it in your home's décor. Price should not be the issue as there are always cheaper alternatives that are similar to your choices. We recommend daring to be bold and only have things you love, or eventually, you'll regret it.